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A Fashionable Disease are back with a CD of four new diverse new songs! The music on this album changes violently from prog-jazz-punk-future metal noise to straight up metallic grinding harsh noise and everywhere in between. Using pioneering techniques of weirdness while still maintaining harshness and brutality with organized horn arrangements. Striking a perfect balance between composition and improvisation, this album draws from influences as diverse as free jazz artists Sun- Ra and John Zorn's Naked City and Painkiller to crust punk bands such as Dystopia or Rudimentary Peni. Comes with nauseatingly dark psychedelic artwork, and offensive lyrics sheet.

track listing:
1. Pyramid Scheme (8:17)
2. Fuck (2:52)
3. Superbowl in Iraq (3:37)
4. TG8ILMFDH9L (13:51)



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