A Fashionable Disease/Wozzeck featuring Dario Fariello split

$7 USA/Canada


A Fashionable Disease face off with Russia's Wozzeck to create just under one hour of experimental jazz mixed with various styles of extreme music such as grind, harsh noise, glitch, and hardcore punk.
The album kicks off with "I Like Trains" a sludgy punk song that makes use of various poly-rhythms over odd time signatures, coupled with a unison line played by a squealing saxophone before it breaks into a wild solo over a confusing, bizarre rhythmic pattern. The song is concluded by the first section played again with lyrics screamed brutally over a bluesy-jazz organ solo.
The second track, by Wozzeck is a free wheeling dynamic improvisation with two saxophonists, Ilia B and Dario Fariello. Very much in the vein of free jazz but with an added heaviness that the band is know for. The two saxophonists improvise over each other skillfully, with a kind of synergy that makes the music more than the sum of its parts.
The third track "Mike's Song" by AFD starts with a quartal harmonic progression in a syncopated 10/8, then moves on to a brutal harsh noise/grind part in 5/4 with blast beats. Next a guitar solo over the opening quartal progression, then a 70's prog style synth solo over the progression. After an extended instrumental interlude, the vocals return with a shrieking take over the main progression in 10/8.
The fourth track, "Weich" by Wozzeck is a minimalist improvisation with the use of space being a driving force behind the piece. Emphasis on textures as opposed to harmony are also main components of the song. Unusual and bizarre tones coming from the saxes on this one! Howling, shrieking, note bending, and other crazy noises.
Track five "Monster Wars" by AFD is a deconstructed 12 bar blues disaster. A minor second harmony accompanies the blues unison line throughout the piece while drummer Ian delivers Zeni Geva style vocals alternating with high pitched shrieking from keyboardist Dario. After a fucked up damaged guitar solo comes a free jazz sax solo, and then back into the fucked 12 bar blues part again.
The sixth track, "Zufahrend" by Wozzeck is another heavy, chaotic, texturally dynamic improvisation. The track begins with an arrhythmic feel, eventually progressing into a more structured "hits" or accents that the band plays to altogether. This leads to a gradual buildup climaxing in a jazz-grind chaotic explosion!!
The seventh track "A Great Poem" by AFD is a departure from the usual style in that most of the song is a bit more mellow than any other AFD song. However the track continues in the tradition of using exotic harmonies, for example placing a bass note from a different key over a triad from another key to create a chord that functions as an altered dominant or other altered chord. At times it is almost as if there were two different songs superimposed on top of one another, each progression functioning independently and together all at once. The bridge of the piece kicks in the brutality in the form of doomy-odd time signature sludge punk with polytonal harmonies.
Track eight, "Wieder Etwas Landsamer Aber Immer Schwungvoll Und Steigernd" by Wozzeck is 9 and a half minute extravaganza of free jazz, and chaotic gut wrenching noise! At times, it sounds like there's some sort of strange effect on the saxophone. The two saxes improvise over each other, playing a fast barrage of random notes and then all of a sudden playing the same note together for a few moments and then returning to the ordinary chaos of the piece. In more sparse moments the bass player can be heard doing some rapid, interestingly skillful fretboard tapping.
The ninth track by AFD, called "Self Seeing Eye [epic journey}" is a structured improvisational piece. Towards the beginning is a lengthy fusion style guitar solo, changing between a modal E minor and B flat minor after long periods of improvisation. Then the drummer solos over a repeating riff, creating poly-rhythms with a steady beat over syncopated double bass playing. Then an epic organ solo which eventually gives way to an inexplicably unusual polyrhythym towards the end of the solo. This ends in an epic bluesy-jazz riff, and then the only singing in the piece, which occurs over some whole tone and ii-V jazz harmony.
The tenth track "Wie Anfangs" by Wozzeck is a short, straightforward, jazz grind eruption. Two saxophones going apeshit over blast beats followed by short, sparse rhythmic accents. Brutal, strange, and shriekingly hypnotic.
The final track of the album, "Aborted Dreams" by AFD is a depressing, odd timed punk song, with some exotic chord structures, and harshly screamed high pitched vocals. The only song on the album with a verse chorus verse structure.

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