Awesome noise split. THESE TRACKS ARE ONLY AVAILABLE ON THIS CDR. One of the darkest, most chaotic and best releases on the Pet Goat yet!! Nryy from Japan makes some mind bendingly crazy noise on this album. Very chaotic harsh noise mixed with samples of sitars. Crunchy ultra distorted harsh layered blasts of hell noise!! Some times minimal, other times brutally chaotic, other times sounding like something no machine should ever be programmed to do! Amazing violent electronic disorder! Botched Facelift's side is brutally harsh distorted noise made with circuit bent toys, vocals through voice processors, amd synthesizer programmed to mimic glitched circuits!! The first two songs are intense, chaotic, violent harsh noise, while the last song is a dark drone death throb with ultrasonic bass and crunchy modulating and oscillating noise on top!

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